Scrivani Coaching and Consulting
Scrivani Coaching and Consulting
Andrew Scrivani

Welcome to Scrivani Coaching and Consulting

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About Me

I created this space to teach, lead conversations about our industry, mentor other creatives, and create a community space dedicated to learning and supporting our craft.

Instead of just watching, be engaged with a community of photographers who are all dedicated to learning.

I am dedicated to providing you with not only my knowledge and experience as a creative professional and an educator but expose you to a network of professionals and learners all dedicated to getting the most out of their hobbies, careers, and passions. 

Joining here has benefits beyond the access to the community and all that I will provide here; including articles, creative challenges and prompts, personal feedback and engagement, business advice, guest writers, live chats, and more. You will also have priority seating and pricing for any additional classes, courses, workshops, 1-1 coaching, and mentorships that will be offered by me and other guest lecturers. 

I understand that this is another ask of your time and money and I am keenly aware that it's a big one. I will do my best to create an environment free of distractions, trolls, and negativity in any form. This is primarily why I decided to close this community behind a paywall. The other is that since I will any longer be teaching on other paid platforms, I wanted to consolidate all of my educational services in one place and be able to give all of you the best of all of the experiences I have had on the host of platforms I have taught on. 

Thanks for being here and I hope you join us.